UL Residences | Accommodation

UL Residences | Accommodation

UL Residences/Accommodation – University Of Limpopo


Turfloop Campus Residences caters all levels of students from first year to postgraduate level.  Senior students are accommodated in the single rooms whilst our junior students share a double room. Each room comes equipped with a bed, a desk and chair, bookshelves and a wardrobe.

Most rooms share a common bathroom on each floor.  A wired and wireless internet access facility is also available in our halls of residences.

The Postgraduate villages consist of family units where students share a kitchen, bathroom and dining rooms.  This set up caters for Honours and Masters students.

Post Graduate Village – Masters and doctorate students only.

Post Graduate Residences – Mainly Honors Students

High Rise Residencies – Undergraduate and completing students (those in their final year).

Plattelands – For physically challenged students, post graduate students and student governance members.

Prefabricated Residences – First entering students.   


015 268 2520 (male students)

015 268 2570 (female students)