MyUnisa Despatch

The Despatch Department, as a market leader, undertakes to render a dynamic effective service, using well-trained personnel and suitable technology to distribute essential information and relevant material to students, personnel and other interest groups.

Core concerns

  • Storage, handling and posting of tutorial matter to students, lecturers and licensees
    All study material enquiries must be made through to email address: [email protected].
  • Preparation of post
  • Administration of post
  • Despatching tutorial matter to all of the University clients via courier and postal services e.g. SA Post Offices and Courier companies


The Department’s goal is to implement the above core concerns as effectively and efficiently as possible. Work is not only done: it is done right the first time. The Department’s slogan might be, We don’t go home until the day’s work is done. And we could add:

Motivated, purposeful staff are at the core of the Despatch Department’s success. Common laziness, on the other hand, will destroy the Department.

Functions of the sections

Management bears overall responsibility for all departmental functions, including budgeting, planning and the control and coordination of departmental activities.

Study Material Centre: Store

  • Receipt of tutorial matter
  • Storage of tutorial matter
  • Checking supplies of tutorial matter
  • Picking of tutorial matter
  • Receipt and distribution of university calendars and miscellaneous tutorial matter
  • Despatch of tutorial matter to Regional Facilities
  • Receipt, storage and distribution of SBL tutorial matte
  • Reallocation of tutorial matter
  • Upkeep of Store

Study Material Centre: Enquiries
Dealing with enquiries about tutorial matter at: [email protected]

Study Material Centre: Allocation

  • Introduction and allocation of tutorial matter to the Despatch computer system
  • Adjusting and maintaining the submission schedule
  • Requisitioning and checking address lists for tutorial matter

Mail Centre: Postal Preparation

  • Receipt, sorting and addressing of tutorial matter and other postal items
  • Folding and inserting of tutorial matter, assignments and divers correspondence, mechanically and manually
  • Sorting of standard postal items according to postal specifications for tariff discount purposes
  • Sealing, strapping and registering of parcels
  • Maintenance of inserting machines, strapping and sealing equipment
  • Receipt, storage and issuing of packaging materials and maintenance of packaging material store
  • Receipt, sealing and sorting (eg into national and international) of items ready for posting.

Mail Centre: Mail Services

  • Franking, registering/insuring national and international post or affixing proofs of delivery according to Post Office standards.
  • Bulk mailing.
  • Preparing postal items for collection by Post Office truck.
  • Processing, invoicing and paying of Post Office account.
  • Maintaining statistics of vehicles and postal items.
  • Processing of telegrams and priority mail.
  • Receiving, sorting and processing of postal items despatched by courier services – national and international.
  • Reconciling statements with receipts for payment of courier accounts.
  • Tracing of undelivered items and general enquiries concerning posted items.

Mail Centre: Postal Administration

  • Receipt of internal post, circulars, salary slips, correspondence and cheques at postal room
  • Sorting of post and entering it in delivery book for proof of delivery
  • Preparing tutorial letters for posting
  • Receiving and delivering of post to departments.
  • Receiving, sorting and delivering of material to SBL, Midrand and Johannesburg area
  • Delivering of Unisa post in the Pretoria area
  • Collecting of post in the above areas.