Damelin Courses in Higher Education

The following are the list of Damelin Courses in Higher Education. The Damelin Courses are offered accross their various campuses.

Please be informed that it is advisable to verify and confirm the courses from the main college before a final decision is taken.

Take not also that Not all programmes are offered at all campuses.

Bachelor of Applied Social Science in Community Service – BSocSci (Comm Serv)
Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting – BCOM
Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management – BCOM
Bachelor of Commerce in Information Management – BCOM
Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management – BCOM
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Financial Accounting
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies
Diploma in Marketing Management
Diploma in Media and Graphic Design
Diploma in Office Management
Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Public Administration
Diploma in Public Relations
Diploma in Sound Technology
Diploma in Travel and Tourism
Higher Certificate in PC Engineering

Please take note that these are just some of the courses offered. An applicant is advised to contact the school of the addresses below for official assistance.


For all prospective and current student enquiries:
General Queries: +27 860 532 887
Registration Queries: +27 (11) 796 2000
Email: Click here for the relevant address
Official Website: www.damelin.co.za

Complaints Handling
0861 338 267
[email protected]